Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In which I address hipster hate

I stumbled across the Twitter account of one @rabbitwhite.  I assume it's ok to post that persons name here since their Twitter account is public.  I do not know this person, I stumbled across this from one click to another and couldn't really tell you how it happened now.  But this person did ask a question that I decided to answer.  Rather than start an all out Twitter war I will just post it here.  This person asks why hipster hate exists and makes several points about hipsters which I saw fit to address.  I make no secret of my hipster hate, so why the hell not.  I've considered inviting this person to read my answers in case he/she might actually be interested in an actual answer as opposed to just hipsters nodding at each other over Twitter, but I haven't decided one way or another yet.  Anyway, here goes:

@rabbitwhite Okay, there is something I wanna address here. And that something is hipster-hate. Why the hate? Why is the hate okay?

Because you ask questions like this and nobody cares. Because you force people to address you and nobody cares. Because you force people to deal with you and nobody cares. They’re sick of you and your constant need for attention. You’re not seeking attention you say? Then why are you asking this stupid fucking question?

@rabbitwhite First, "Hipsters" are ideally creative producers. They are going after their passions & intererests which incites anger in those who arent.

What passions and interests? Why can’t you just be passionate and interested in something and let that be that? Unless it’s a cause or you’re an activist of some kind, why do you think it’s so special that it gets a label and we all have to acknowledge it? I like apples, does that make me an Applet? Do I have to write blogs about them, force apples on you, demean you for not liking apples also, and whine when you don’t accept that I like apples?

@rabbitwhite Iis this generation of "hipster" more entrepreneurial or active than say, punx in the 80s? Hipsters are DJs, bloggers, photogs. So, maybe.

And second: "Hipsters" it seems are (ideally) living their values. Something that will ALWAYS incite anger in those who aren't.

What values? You aren’t doing anything. Those aren't jobs. There's nothing entrepreneual about taking your digital camera on a bike ride and shortening words on your blog and calling it an editorial piece. You aren't even doing THAT much. You can't even be bothered to have a actual DEBATE about something. You're just agreeing with your friends on Twitter.

@rabbitwhite The only other reason I see to hate them is that they are middle class and white with a safety-net of parents $. Is that just a stereotype?

This is just another thing that makes you annoying. You’re like children getting under the feet of people who have stuff to do.

@rabbitwhite but subculture-hate is totally a thing. some faceless mob of people to project anger onto.

No, subculture hate is something that a subculture makes up when they feel like they aren’t getting enough attention.

@rabbitwhite i was just thinking about how in the 90s ppl of "hipster" ilk were making 'zines and yeah, what else? There is SO much more now.

There really isn’t’. Zine’s are dead. Zine’s used to be quality. They used to be sporadic, and when they came out they had substance. Now everybody has a blog with word vomit and poetic diarrhea and it’s meaningless. Mine included.

@rabbitwhite the creativity has sky-rocketed. I mean, in the 60s to be alt-y meant to take drugs and protest...maybe thats reductionist, but it seems as technology grows, as psychology grows, so do we. we get smarter, more creative.

You really don’t. In the 60’s people were trying to have an experience, they were trying to transcend beyond their physical and conscious confines and they knew what they were protesting. They fought for civil rights. They protested against a useless war. Technology grew and blogging became free and easy. Everybody got a Livejournal, a Blogspot, a Facebook and a Twitter and started whining about how everybody hates hipsters. Never mind the useless war we’re currently fighting or religious intolerance in our country, am I right? Use that voice to speak out about something important…like hipster hate!

@rabbitwhite i think the prob is two things: 1. we are constantly trying to label what a "hipster" is, it's something who dresses this way making it something that is just about a look, or an idea. something that can be "posed" easily, rather than a lifestyle the way i see it is progressively & culture minded, alternative people. which have always been around, this is 1 reincarnation

YOU are constantly trying to label what a hipster is. NOBODY ELSE CARES. There is no reincarnation or movement. YOU AREN’T DOING ANYTHING. If wearing a corduroy jacket with jeans, not flushing your toilet, and riding your bike is a movement…what does it mean when my socks don’t match, I take a bus, and I just flat out forget to flush?
So there you have it.  That's why there's hipster hate.  To sum it up: because you ask questions like that.
Like I said, I've considered inviting the person to read this response to answer their question but I have my doubts as to whether or not they wanted an actual answer as opposed to validation and attention amongst other hipsters.

My problem here is that there really wasn't hipster hate to start, it was simple indifference.  You confused indifference with hatred, because if somebody isn't loving you they MUST hate you.  I simply can't just not care about you one way or another.  If you're not getting loads of attention for whatever it is you're doing then you're just not being accepted.  Or god forbid, your'e actually being oppressed.  No.  You just want to be a martyr.  My problem with hipsters today is the victim complex.  If you're an artist or an activist, fine.  Be an artist or an activist.  Not everybody has to like your art or cause.  If somebody doesn't like your art or cause, you're not being victimized somehow.  You may just not be a very good artist or they may just disagree with you.  Or god help you, somebody might just have their own taste and opinions.  How dare they, right?  It's not anger against's just living their own bloody lives.

Do what you want, just leave me the hell alone.   Why is that hard?

But since you asked, it's your bloated sense of self worth and entitlement.  As if somebody owes you an explanation.  If I don't like you, that's all you get to know.  I don't owe you shit otherwise.  Why don't I like you?  Because I'm an adult and I get to form my own opinions about things and people OH AND I DON'T FUCKING HAVE TO.  This isn't kindergarten, we don't all have to get along anymore.  If somebody doesn't like you , grab your Pull Ups and your cookie and get the fuck over it.  Grow up.


  1. Well hello there Miss Rantypants! I saw you joined my blog so I thought I'd force my attention onto yours! This 'hipster' thing is very interesting because we don't have it in England, not as such. I mean, we know the kind of people you're talking about but they don't really have a label as such. Over here they're more 'tossers who "work" in so-called new media who live in the East End of London and think they're so fucking trendy...' but they are a relatively small group, generally hated by others who work in 'old' media and see the new lot for the load of emperor's new clothes they are. Fortunately it's not yet a lifestyle choice here for generation whatever-letter-of-the-fucking-alphabet-we're-up-to-now.

    Ooh, I feel better for my little rant. I think I might stick around.....

    Yours sincerely

    Mrs Jones (KazJones on Rav)

  2. I welcome your rantyness. Come here and roar mightily!