Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A quickie

Some dumb whore I work with just said:

"any time you cook a vegetable it loses it's vitamins"

I laughed my ass off internally until I saw the gaggle of faces around her widen their eyes and go "REALLY??"


No you dumb cow, cooking a vegetable does not strip it of it's vitamin content. It does not become a vitaminless tasteless mash of goo with no nutritional value once you apply heat to it. It's ok to cook your vegetables. Since most people steam, boil, or microwave vegetables they retain most of their nutritional value so ALL IS WELL IN VEGETABLE LAND. It's ok. Constrict your pupils.

Also? Newsflash guys...unless you're buying your vegetables fresh - they're already slightly cooked, or blanched.

For the record, if you're looking to strip your vegetables of most of your vitamins, bake them to dryness since a lot of the content is water soluble, or just fry them because fried food is FUCKING DELICIOUS.

I love this stupid hipster vegan or whatever raw food OMG HEAT KILLS VITAMINS line of idiots it actually kills bacteria so cook your don't have Celiac disease you probably have a fucking parasite

Btw, I fucking hate working with you and I hope you choke on a raw carrot.


  1. I have a sneaky suspicion this idea was concocted by a lazy ass who didn't want to cook dinner.

  2. "But if you boil them, all the vitamins end up boiling out into the water!"

    BAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah. OK. Go away now.

  3. um, actually she's got a point - anything other than a light cooking really reduces the vitamin content and destroys valuable enzymes... now, i also believe many serious raw foodists to border on having eating disorders/food obsessions and i do cook some of my veggies, for taste, but i also try to eat as many of them raw as i can.

    not trying to be an ass, i swear - i found your blog via LSG...

  4. Cooking a vegetable can diminish some of it's vitamin content but like I said, steaming and microwaving actually retains a lot of the nutrients still. It's baking and frying you really have to worry about. Cooking a vegetable doesn't make it COMPLETELY unhealthy and in fact cooking some vegetables (like carrots and tomatoes) make more nutrients available to you.

    The way she put it was like cooking a vegetable ruined it and sadly a lot of people think that.