Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Special ironies pt 2

I got a Facebook response to my last post that I felt was too funny to not share. To add some backstory, after I made my comment I went back and left the disclaimer that I did not find people with special needs sick or gross or any such thing. I said that I found it a little exploitative of a group of people who probably just wanted to blend in and not want to be put on the spot and that I just found the specific post amusingly contradicting. I got this response:

I guess in the interest of keeping the peace and being annoying the OP deleted the thread before I could grab a screen shot so I had to pull this from my e-mail notifications. Thus the fuzziness. The person responding to me said this:

"I don't understand how you get "exploit" from "in HONOR of all "special needs children." We have black week, black month, Veterans day etc.. Are we exploiting Jesus with Christmas? Are "exploiting" everyone with Lupus with a walk for Lupus? Or breast cancer? I'm sorry for you that you find people with infirmities, "mildly amusing" or in ANY way amusing."

I did get a chance to respond before the post got deleted, but like I said, I didn't get a chance to cap it before it disappeared to pass it on to you.

I basically said that from my point of view, as somebody who's recently experienced something that separates me from my peers, I feel that if my office had a "Special Needs and Differences Awareness and Acknowledgment Hour" I'd probably shit myself with anxiety. She may mean well but people who want to be treated normal and to blend in...want to be treated normal and WANT TO BLEND IN and can't if everybody is focusing on them.

I also told her I find it hilarious that she considers being a veteran, black, or Jesus an infirmity.

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