Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thanks but I don't need you making my fat white ass looking worse

Oh, Yahoo comments. One of my favorite internet slums. As my boyfriend says: where intelligence goes to die.

No, that's not a racist comment at all. Because white people aren't racist anymore right?

Like Korea, China, Tibet, those Christians killing Africans in Rwanda, and those Mexican drug cartels. Muslims are right in the center, orchestrating all of that. Didn't you know?

I've come to the conclusion that Yahoo comments exist so people can pontificate and validate each others pathetic paranoia. It's best for intelligent people to ignore it, because it's just going to make the rage boil. At the same time, how could you pass this shit up? It's hilarious, until you realize they're serious.

Gotta love stupidity. It really is the best defense and offense. It's large in numbers and unwavering. There is a zero percent success rate when it comes to conversion.

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